Hitha's Favorite Things

They keep me going, and going, and going.



  • I do Headspace’s daily meditation almost every morning, work to their Focus music during the day, fall asleep to their sleep music or a Sleepcast every night. Meditation keeps me sane, and Headspace is my absolute favorite. My link will get you 25% off a new subscription.

  • Ritual makes my favorite vitamins. Use code HITHA for 10% off your first 3 months.

  • CBD has been a lifesaver for me - I take the softgels with breakfast every morning, the mint oil before I go to bed, the relief cream when I’m sore from a workout, and the aromatherapy rollers when I need to focus or relax. Get 15% off your first order with code HITHA.

  • my favorite cardio workout - and why. Use code AKA2CS for $100 in accessories (spin shoes, weights, headphones - oh my!). You can also follow me on the app (I’m hithaonthegogo) to see what workouts I’m doing, and join our tag #smartnsweaty.

  • DRYP by Soha will kick your butt and clear your mind. Soha’s sculpting workouts have become a new favorite of mine. Get 25% off your first month with code Hitha25

  • the marriage check-in my husband and I do every single week.

  • the notebook that has changed my life (see how I use it here and here). Get 15% off with code HITHA15.



  • Use this app to save #5SmartReads from Instagram Stories - or any other article - to read later

  • MasterClass is worth every penny. I watch them while cooking meals, when I need a break, and when I’m feeling unmotivated and I’ve learned so much from it.


  • Small Packages (one of my portfolio companies) is the curated gift box company I’m always talking about - get 15% off your order with the code HITHA

  • If you don’t have someone’s address or don’t know their taste, Loop & Tie has you covered.