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#ThingsILove This Week

What I read this week

A quick note - I hope you reserve the books I recommend from your local library, or purchase them from your favorite independent bookstore or the audiobook

  • Uncanny Valley - if I’m being honest, I didn’t like this book very much, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I found Anna to be annoying, trying too hard to seem smart, and her critique of the Bay Area scathing. I also found her analysis of how technology pervasively invades every element of our lives and her analysis of its leadership to be spot on, and there are moments when I thought her writing was brilliant. So why it’s not one of my favorite books, it’s one I think is worth reading.

  • The Age Of Witches (ARC via NetGalley, out April 7) - witches, the Gilded Age, and multiple generations is BINGO for a book I’ll almost always read. Luckily, this one is very good and gives me The Rules Of Magic/Practical Magic vibes but stands out as its own book. Frances, Harriet, and Annis are slowly revealed over the course of the book, which has perfect pacing and elegant writing (not too flowery, not too direct). I’ve been craving a good witchey read, and I’m thrilled that Louisa Morgan has two other books already out (The Witch's Kind and A Secret History Of Witches).

  • The Nancy Pelosi Way - it’s no secret that I’m a Nancy Pelosi superfan, and I LOVED this leadership guide penned by her daughter Christine. Political views aside (which I do align with most of the time), I find her leadership - to whip votes, fundraise, negotiate - to be unparalleled among the recent Speakers we’ve had. Her legacy is as formidable as LBJ’s.

Current book reviewshere, and here are all my random Amazon favorites.

Hitha’s Favorite Things

The Top 5

  1. Presidents Day vs. President's Day vs. Presidents' Day: Which One Is It? (Mental Floss)

  2. What’s the deal with airplane food? (Vox)

  3. The one thing these cardiologists most wish their female patients had done sooner (Philadelphia Inquirer)

  4. What It’s Like to Describe Porn for a Blind Audience (Slate)

  5. She Left Wuhan to Become a Journalist. She’s Back in Time to Get the Story. (New York Times)

The Catch Up






If I were running for President, I’d run on 3 things - upgrading our electric grid (improve energy efficiency, creates long-term jobs all over the country, and improves national security), reduce and standardize healthcare costs, starting with malpractice insurance (reducing the insurance fees allow healthcare providers to focus on outcomes vs. the number of patients they see and procedures they do, thus reducing errors), and establishing public programs and public-private partnerships to offer benefits to gig economy workers (which make up 1/3 of the population). The first 3 articles go deeper on these issues.