A Peek At My Week (July 12-16, 2021)

The workouts I did, the meals I cooked, the podcasts I listened to, and the outfits I wore

Something I miss about old-school blogging was recapping the everyday things. I loved reading through the routine details of my Internet friends’ days, and trying their recommendations for myself.

I don’t think I’m the only one.

So let’s give this a whirl. Here’s a peek at this past week.

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I got in my morning routine - 10 minute Headspace meditation, filling out the Five Minute Journal, changed my sheets, and a workout (Cody Rigsby’s 20 minute pop ride & 10 minute arms & light weights) - before the kids were up. I threw on this dress and half tank (my summer uniform).

I worked from a coffee shop for an hour and finished all my tactical work. I really must do this more often and when the weather agrees. While working, I listened to this podcast episode (the concept of a daily vacation really aligned with me - just need to figure out how to make it happen).

I had 3 work calls in the afternoon, and finished the last of the e-mails. I packed my notebook and my laptop in my work bag, fully intending to go to a coffee shop again the next morning.

I made Clean-Out-Your-Fridge pasta for dinner. We finished watching Black Widow (SO GOOD), and I finished reading Experimental Marine Biology.


I meditated, journaled, and made my bed this morning. I chose to enjoy coffee with my husband and the morning rush with the kids before my workout. In hindsight, it was a good plan because I went for a longer workout - this 5 minute pre-run warmup, a 20 minute HIIT run, a 20 minute arms & shoulders strength, and a 5 minute stretch.

The morning coffee shop work session isn’t happening, so I throw on glorified pajamas (this top and these pants).

Got through my tactical work in the morning with this podcast. I’m increasingly obsessed with the Kardashian businesses and hearing from Emma Grede (co-founder of Good America and Safely, founding partner of Skims) was a fascinating peek inside the business.

I had a powerful coaching call in the afternoon, and took a little bit of time to process everything afterwards. I answered a few more e-mails, set up my planner for the next day, and whipped up The Chutney Life’s enchilada quinoa for dinner. Top it with cheese, Greek yogurt, and red and green hot sauce. It never disappoints and tastes even better the next day.

We missed our annual Independence Day viewing on July 4th, so we watched the first third of the film (well, Sri watched and I pretended I was in the movie). I made the mistake of starting Frankly, We Did Win This Election before bed and I slept poorly. No more political nonfiction at night.


It was a full routine morning - meditation, journaling, making the bed, and workout. I did Robin’s In The Heights ride and 15 minute core. The kids loaded their own dishes in the dishwasher after breakfast, and I had a rare “I’m a good mom” moment. Sipped the same smoothie I have every morning (2 cups of frozen spinach - I just put the clamshell in the freezer, 2 scoops of this protein powder, and almond milk).

3 days of workouts have me feeling good in my skin. I wore my favorite overalls over this crop top (a first for this outfit, but not the last).

Personal development podcast episodes while I’m doing tactical work is a new routine, but one that’s working for me in this phase of my life. This episode kept me company as I answered e-mails and prepared the following day’s #5SmartReads. My big takeaway from the interview was to “stop managing time and start managing focus.” It’s easier said than done, but I’m going to figure out how to adopt that into my life.

Another afternoon of calls (tackling laundry and tidying during them).

I made these amazing broccoli cottage cheese pancakes for dinner. We watched the season finale of Loki (also amazing), and I read this novella from the Space series before falling asleep. Sweet dreams were had, and I can’t wait for the 4th book in the series to be published.


It’s a Rho and Mom morning. I got in a meditation, journaling, and a workout (a quick yoga practice + 20 minute run). After taking the quickest shower ever, I threw on this easy dress and ran Rho to karate and got myself a quick work session at a nearby coffee shop. I took Rho for a quick snack, a haircut, and lunch before returning home and back to work.

I took a nap in an Uber heading downtown to treat myself to a blowout before meeting a group of women CEOs (put together by my friend Beck). I wandered over to Gelso & Grand to meet Alisha and her friend Anne for a delicious dinner. After cacio e pepe, pizza, and a few Aperol Spritzes, I excused myself early and hopped in a car home. Even though I was home before 10, I set my alarm an hour later and fell asleep immediately.


Looked at my phone the second I woke up this morning. Big mistake.

My morning routine didn’t happen until after drop-off. I got snippy about really stupid things and regret it. I made dosas for lunch when all I wanted was spicy tuna & crispy rice, which I ended up ordering anyway (along with a Diet Coke). I love my Friday Q&As on Instagram so much that I procrastinate my actual work in favor of them. At around 2, I finally put away my phone, put on Olivia Rodrigo’s album, and buckled down to work.

When I’m feeling all the feelings, a Cody Rigsby ride is all I can handle and I picked this one because Olivia Rodrigo was in the playlist (I’m telling you, picking the same artist to listen to while working and working out is a game changer).

I whipped up Indian-style Beyond Burgers and corn on the cob (thank you, Blue Apron) for dinner. Pro tip - download the Blue Apron app to have the recipes at your fingertips, and to order your meals easier than the website.

We got the kids down to sleep, finished watching Independence Day, and went straight to sleep.