Thank you dear Hitha. Needed this tonight, all of it. xx

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To carry and care for my two children in my own way and time has been the most exhaustive and exquisite journey, yet, in 1991, I made a different choice, one that I will never take for granted.

For me, January 22, 1973, and January 22, 1991, will be forever intertwined, for they are the day the personal became political - the day I chose to terminate a pregnancy.

The June 24th ruling was not unexpected, but that makes it no less unimaginable to be in this country as a woman at this moment.

I truly appreciate how you codified various CTAs. May I include in my own newsletter (with credit of course)? I'm in the midst of working with @instrumentsofmemory : conversation with women in the arts to create an archive/online story space for women to share their previously (unspoken) stories. If you feel inspired to share widely or in any capacity I would be honored.

For more read more info at instrumentsofmemory.com or at my IG @sewmanystories.

Thank you as always for your words, your perspective and candor ~

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