Hi. I’m Hitha.

I’m a self-proclaimed multi-hyphenate - partly because I can’t say no, more because I want to make the most of this one life I have. And for me, that’s juggling a number of roles the best I can.

Professionally, I’m the CEO of Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals, the author of How to Pack and We’re Speaking, a professional speaker, board member of Youth Represent, Feminist Press, and New Morning, and an Instagram creator.

Personally, I’m a daughter who’s obsessed with her parents, wife to the best man I know, mom to two of the funniest kids I’ve ever met, and a friend who wishes she could be a better one.

I am one of those Philadelphia sports fans (climbed a light pole when the Phillies won the 2008 World Series), and also an F1 fan (a tortured and hopeful Williams girl). I love reading, especially romance novels. I enjoy cooking, crafting, and traveling, and wish I had more time to do all three.

My weekly letter offers a peek in my life and my DMs/texts - what I’ve been up to, the best things I’ve read, the advice I’ve shared, and random smart things I’ve discovered.

I’m so glad you’re here. You can also follow me on Instagram, TikTok, and sign up for my daily news curation #5SmartReads.

With Hitha’s Greatest Hits:

These are some of my favorite issues of the weekly letter:

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