#5SmartReads is a daily/weekly digest of the news you should know, the books to read, and the things that will make your life better.

I created #5SmartReads to share the news that isn’t getting the visibility or discussion that it deserves. #5SmartReads launched on my Instagram Stories, and I continue to share them there every weekday.

The daily newsletter delivers the 5 must read articles and commentary, curated by myself or one of my incredible contributors. The weekly newsletter is a long read that shares reflections from the week, the books we’ve all read, links to each day’s reads from the week, and the answers to your burning questions.

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Who am I? I’m Hitha Palepu, a self-proclaimed multi-hyphenate.

a human Alexa - wife and mother - CEO of Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals - author of How to Pack and We’re Speaking - voracious reader (especially of romance novels) - board member of Youth Represent, Feminist Press, and New Morning - professional speaker - devout Philadelphia sports fan - Instagram content creator - mediocre crafter (needlepoint in the spring/summer, crochet in the fall/winter)

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#5SmartReads is the daily digest of the news you should know, the books to read, and the things that will make your life better.



Multi-hyphenate. Always reading. Creator of #5SmartReads

Olivia Howell

Co-founder of Fresh Starts Registry, the first and only platform for everything you need to start again.

Abigail Koffler 

I'm a writer and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn. This Needs Hot Sauce is your place for recipes, restaurant & product recs, good reads and a great community. I started this newsletter in 2017 while at a terrible job and it totally changed my life!

Shibani Faehnle

I love books (fiction mostly), flowers, Star Wars, Harry Styles and my family.

Marisa Hamm-Malanowski

Marisa writes and shares about food, politics, policy, culture, and the challenges of being a full time working mom in the American heartland.

Qudsiya Naqui

Qudsiya Naqui is the creator and host of Down to the Struts. She is a lawyer and disability justice activist based in Washington DC.

Dr. Kate

Racial justice scholar and educator. Professor. CBO Director. Writer. Co-creator of the Anti-Racist Roadmap. White lady.

Genevieve Dreizen

brownie baker, pun maker | coo & creative director at @marchlionmedia

Madison T. Clark

Madison works as a full-time freelance writer and is the owner of Grief Cards, where she sells sympathy cards that don't suck. In her free time, she plays in Stonewall Sports leagues and attends KC Current games.

Zara Hanawalt

Zara Hanawalt is a mother and freelance journalist covering parenting, women's health, culture, and more. She has written for outlets like Parents, Elle, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, and more.

Jessica Wilen

Yale professor, executive coach and consultant, mom of two Author of "A Cup of Ambition"