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Who am I? I’m Hitha Palepu, a self-proclaimed multi-hyphenate.

By day, I run a pharmaceutical company with my father and am an early-stage investor in women-founded and women-focused companies. I’m also a big reader, from the news (hence #5SmartReads) to books spanning all genres. I also have a podcast, 1 Smart Thing, that goes a bit deeper into specific issues and questions that I’m asked often. The podcast will be returning in September 2020.

I live in New York with my husband and two sons. I’m obsessed with Taco Bell and the Philadelphia Eagles. And I’m really, really, glad you’re here.

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Multi-hyphenate. Always reading. Smarta** Creator of #5SmartReads
Racial justice scholar and educator. Professor. Assistant Dean. Author. Co-creator of the Anti-Racist Roadmap. White lady.